Wedding DJs vs. Event Planners

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Wedding DJs vs. Event Planners

Can a Wedding DJ be an Event Planner?

To understand this question, you must first understand the overall theme of a wedding. The overall theme is to plan a perfect wedding. In the 1950’s the brides didn’t work, they didn’t have a Facebook, Twitter account or better yet even a computer. Your typical bride was lucky to have a television that worked. All she did was cook and clean the house for her working husband. She could cook and clean the entire house in 4 hours maximum and still plan the perfect wedding and honeymoon for herself.

In the 1980’s we experienced what some call the Reagan era. Televisions were common in households. Some households had 2 or 3 televisions. Inflation raised our economy and forced our men and women to work to cover the expenses of the booming technology. The 1980’s were considered party years, some compared the 80’s to the Roaring 20’s which is remembered as the best party era of all time. Along with the parties came sex, drugs and rock n roll. Then it became common for brides and grooms to already have kids before they got married which was contradictory to the brides and grooms of the 50s that waited to be married before they had children.

Nowadays, we have a bride that has a full-time job while still having to take care of the house. She has to make sure the kids eat, shower and get to and from school while she helps pay all the bills. The brides are just as busy if not busier than the men. They do not have the time to plan a wedding ceremony, reception or the evening. If they do try to plan their wedding, it won’t be perfect like they may have been planning since they were children. So to play a part in their wedding, they plan which check they can use from their job to hire an event planner that concentrates on the wedding because the bride and groom are too busy. Here is the problem: the event planner is usually someone that has the same responsibilities as the bride so how can the event planner concentrate only on the wedding. They can’t! What they can do is use their knowledge and experience to take a few months to gather all the bride and groom’s needs and make sure all the vendors are in place and able to deliver. This usually works for the most part. The event planner roams back and forth from vendor to vendor as a supervisor. They position themselves behind the DJ booth and remind the DJ what announcements to make, what songs to play and when, using the same written timeline that the DJ already has in their back pocket. You ask yourself, is an event planner really necessary? I don’t know. Maybe just professional vendors.

In 2018, what was once a theme “The Perfect Wedding”, is now an art and happens to be a huge business filled with professionals surviving off of producing perfect weddings for brides every weekend. Since 2000, couples get married every weekend in Florida, you can see how such a business can be lucrative. I have another question for you, is a wedding ever perfect? No, never, no wedding is ever perfect but a professional makes sure that when things do go wrong nobody either notices or cares. Present brides do have a social media television shows and cell phone habits that don’t leave them enough time to take a chance on an event planner. Our brides today are planning the wedding themselves, taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet each vendor in person to interview and see who is the best fit for their wedding.

Today, this is how it works: in a wedding there are several wedding vendors. A photographer, makeup artist, DJ, florist, cake and caterers, etc. Every vendor has a certain job. The most important job is the wedding DJ. They run the music for the ceremony, cocktail and the reception. When the music or announcements stop, then the reception stops. All the other vendors work within the DJ to dot the I’s and cross the T’s of the event at hand. Although the caterers are important because everyone must eat, the wedding DJ is working for the bride and groom every second of the wedding from beginning to end.

The bride of today takes ample time to select the right DJ. They interview and hire a professional DJ that can not only play music and make announcements but is knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in DJing. A professional that has had success DJing weddings for years, that person becomes the DJ and event planner of the entire wedding. That is how brides and grooms are saving money on their weddings in this tough economy. Not everybody who is a good wedding DJ can act as a DJ and an event planner. It takes professional DJs who have been trained by successful organizations to run events, plan them and correct any technicality that may occur in every area of the actual wedding.

A good example of a wedding DJ company that houses great DJs that are also used as event planners is Party Specialists, Inc. Our company has been running for 20 years and has so much business and reoccurring business from happy brides that they are able to provide the best wedding entertainment in South Florida at prices that are so low they look like a misprint. Our company sends out the best wedding DJs you will see for an average of around $750.00. Our DJs give the most elaborate announcements, keep the dance floor busy and plan all the activities in the same show.

I hope I made your outlook on event planners vs. wedding DJs a little easier. Now it is time to select your professional wedding DJ and pick their brain so they can plan you a great wedding like they do every day.